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Helping you Navigate your Business

Helping you navigate your business


Today’s world presents Entrepreneurs and Business owners with enough challenges that require time and careful attention. Finding the additional time and expertise to develop a comprehensive, defensible business plan to guide your business isn’t easy, nor is it always economical.

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Even Par Limited offers two different levels of services based on your business needs. Whether you need to augment your company resources with accounting or administrative services, or need a deeper dive into company accounting we have the expertise and the resources to assist your business.


Feeling out at sea, lost without an oar? The team at Even Par Ltd. have years of combined experience in accounting and business management to help you back to where you and your business need to be. Let their breadth and depth of experience in many facets of business help navigate you and your business.

  • Accounting & Administrative

  • Budget preparation

  • Business planning

  • Consulting

  • Interim CEO/COO/CFO placements





Even Par Limited is a comprehensive Business & Enterprise service provider, which offers a full suite of services to a diverse range of clients. Even Par commenced providing client services in 1998.

Even Par’s client base ranges from small start-ups, to large multi-nationals who have a presence in Bermuda. Its clients also span a myriad of industries which includes Energy, Telecommunications, Investment management, Real Estate & Property development, Construction, Retail, Hospitality, and 3rd Sector.

The suite of services offered includes:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Negotiations of Service Level Agreements and Contracts

  • Process mapping & streamlining

  • Strategic Planning

Setting up a business in Bermuda requires the expertise and experience of a company who has its roots in Bermuda, who can help you navigate through the processes and help you understand government regulations. Even Par supports local businesses and overseas companies requiring the unique knowledge and services that our team can provide. 

There are many reasons companies are moving their businesses and services to Bermuda, read on to see what Bermuda can offer:


Tel. 441-333-4725

P.O. Box HM 130, Hamilton HMAX


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