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World Renowned International Business Centre: Bermuda has a highly developed international business economy. It is an exporter of financial services primarily insurance, reinsurance, investment funds, and special purpose vehicles. Bermuda is recognized as a world leader in the insurance and reinsurance industry. According to the Insurance Journal, the large number of leading international insurance companies based in Bermuda makes Bermuda one of the world's largest reinsurance centers. There are approximately 400 internationally owned and operated businesses that are physically based in Bermuda, which are represented by the Association of Bermuda International

Great Airlift: There are currently nine airlines that serve Bermuda. The number of daily flights fluctuates as certain airlines operate seasonally with adjusted routes depending on the time of year. And with Covid affecting travel, some flights have been scaled back. Primary carriers include: Delta, American, JetBlue, Air Canada, Westjet, United and British Airways. The new international airport is now operational and offering world-class services to travelers.


Great location: Bermuda is ideally located for North American travelers, just 90 minutes from the Northeast US and only 2 hours from Toronto. The island attracts most of its visitors from the United States (72%), Canada (10%), and the United Kingdom (11%). The positioning of the Marina is ideally suited for yachts traversing the Atlantic to and from Europe for the season.


Stable Government: Bermuda enjoys a steady, conservative government under British law. The Government has adopted a strong pro-business development agenda and fully supports new projects that enhance and profit the island.

Temperate Climates: Bermuda is not located within the Caribbean or classified as a tropical zone. Bermuda is actually located within the Middle Latitudes, or Temperate Zone, and is classified as a sub-tropic zone. Never going above 90º F or below 50º F, the temperatures are great for year round travel, both for tourism and commercial industries.


Good Health Care System: The recently built acute care hospital offers state of the art equipment and services. The hospital is staffed by qualified overseas and local health practitioners.


Tax Free Investment: Bermuda has no income tax or capital gains tax.


Low Crime Rate: Bermuda remains one of the safest vacation destinations for tourists and ex-pats living in the Country.


British Traditions: As an Overseas territory of the United Kingdom, Bermuda retains much of the culture of Great Britain as evidenced in the school system and other charming features.


Clean and Pristine: Bermuda is a popular destination with discerning travelers for a number of reasons, including the attractive pink coral sand beaches, the comfortable warm weather, Bermuda’s unique British colonial influences, and the safe and friendly environment. Visitors to Bermuda are always impressed by the impeccable state of the island and continually vote it one of the best destinations in the Atlantic region.

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