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Even Par offers two distinct levels of Accounting & Administrative Services; the “Standard” and the “Enhanced.”




This package has been designed to assist smaller businesses who typically have little in-house resources to perform these services in a timely and cost-effective manner. This package includes:  

  1. Posting all monthly cash transactions,

  2. Posting all monthly vendor statements/invoices for goods & services purchased,

  3. Posting all monthly customer & client invoices for goods & services sold,

  4. Posting any monthly non-cash transactions such as depreciation of Fixed assets, etc.

  5. Posting all payroll & benefits,

  6. Monthly Bank reconciliations,

  7. Producing Month-end Management Financial statements along with Aged Accounts payable and Aged Accounts receivables,

  8. Producing Quarterly & Annual Financial statements.



This package has been designed to assist medium-to-larger business who a) may prefer to outsource certain functions, and b) are looking for a deeper level of financial reporting detail, and, comparison to forecast results. This package includes all components of the “Standard” package as well as:

  1. Monthly management reporting by division or project,

  2. Annual budget preparation, based on assumptions provided by Client management,

  3. Preparation of Estimates for potential contracts & projects,

  4. Monthly Variance analysis to budget,

  5. Preparation of weekly/monthly Payroll,

  6. Preparation of vendor payments,

  7. Preparation of all Client revenue invoicing.

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